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Social media without the intrusion.

No ads. No tracking.
Control your experience.
Win $$$ in daily contests.

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Your experience Matters

No ads. Ever.

Tired of seeing targeted, intrusive ads all the time? So are we.

Privee is a subscription-based social media. This allows us to provide an experience built for you, not advertisers.

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Your privacy matters

No tracking

Ever mention or search something personal and see ads about it right away? Creepy, right?

Last year, the largest social network made up to $20/month from your data - and you didn't get anything!

We believe in data privacy - what you do, where you go, and who you interact with is not a commodity to be sold.

What you want matters

You're in control

You decide what you see and discover, not confusing algorithms.

Ever missed posts from people close to you? Add them to Favorites and keep up to speed on their lives and share content with just them.

New way to engage

Win $$$ in community contests

Think you can create something people will love? Or want to channel your inner game show judge?

Enter your best content to win $$$ and get featured on Privee.

Or earn rewards by voting on contest entries - members decide who wins.

All your Privee questions, answered

No ads?! No tracking?! How does Privee make money?

What data does Privee collect?

What types of contests are on Privee?