Privee is a social media platform made for members, not advertisers

Our story

Social media was created with great promise - a new way to connect with the world. But over time, in the relentless pursuit of revenue and growth, it has morphed into a targeted advertising machine. 

Seeing ads all the time got us thinking: Is this really the only way social media could work? Why is giving up our individual privacy the price for using these services? Why are we the product?

We realized that in order to fix things users shouldn’t be the product, they should be valued members of a community. At Privee, members are our ONLY priority. Privee was born out of a need for a place where people can have fun and connect without ads, tracking, or false promises — social media without the intrusion.

Our founders

Privee was founded by Akul Bali and Josh Gottesman who met while working at Google. They developed the idea for Privee during socially distanced hangouts and video chats. Both are proud graduates of the University of Michigan.